Season 2 | Episode 18: Very Fishy! / Swine Lake / Home Alone Times Two / Tweet & Sour

Fix and Foxi

Animation/Adventure, Germany 2001

Fix and Foxi discover a small fish that has lost its mother while diving. Hinki and Stinki caught her. Fix and Foxi have to free her before she ends up in the fish market. Lupinchen wants to audition for a "Schwanensee" talent competition. The opportunity to try out Professor Knox’s latest invention - a 3D camera. However, the invention is not fully developed, because it turns Lupinchen into a pig and then the camera is also stolen. But Fix and Foxi are already on the chase. Uncle Fax goes to play cards and Fix and Foxi are supposed to sort out their old toys. Of course they have no desire to do this and when two burglars sneak into the house, the old stuff is suddenly really useful. Mom finds a cute chick in the garden that somehow injured it's wing. But the little chick is not as harmless as it looks. Pip and Pep have no desire to feed it and share the motherly love with this birdie.
23 min
Starting at 6
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Antoni D‘Ocon


Susan Kim


Rolf Kauka (Comics)


Matthias Raue

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4:3 HD, Color

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Starting at 6

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