All I Want for Christmas

Family/Adventure, Denmark 2018

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Way up north in Greenland, 12-year-old Lucia lives with her mother Claudia and her father Yulius, the famous Father Christmas. Lucia goes to International Christmas School, and wants to be the next Father Christmas in Denmark. But that is not allowed, only boys can do that. When Lucia continues to protest, the headmaster gives her one chance to prove she can be as good as the boys. She must fulfill the boy Albert's greatest Christmas wish; that his father, who is suffering from a mysterious disease, gets well. Albert’s father has been infected by the horrible Krampus. Lucia realizes that it is an almost impossible task; she has to catch Krampus to cure Albert's father. Lucia goes to Denmark with her father in tow to track down Krampus, and this is the beginning of an amazing Christmas adventure as they discover that someone else is also chasing Krampus...
89 min
Starting at 6
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Ella Testa Kusk (Lucia)

Peter Sejer Winther (Albert)

Martin Buch (Yulius)

Mia Lyhne (Claudia)

Nicolaj Kopernikus (Gorm)

Ulf Pilgaard (Headmaster)

Kristian Halken (Litteramus)

Mette Agnete Horn (Krampus)

Anders Brink Madsen (Lars)

Julie Agnete Vang (Lisbeth)

Original title:

Julemandens Datter

Original language:


Further titles:

Julenissens datter

Le Démon de Noël

Le Noël magique de Lucia


1:2.35 HD, Color

Age rating:

Starting at 6

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