Comédie/Drame, Allemagne 2009

Pink (Hannah Herzsprung) is a young, successful poet. She writes wicked love poems that she performs live all over Germany. The fans are at her feet. She also seems to be successful in love. Three men get their hopes up to marry her. Pink decides systematically, but wrongly. She makes her decisions with a calculator. She settles her relationships by text message. And she resolves conflicts at gunpoint, if necessary. Despite careful scrutiny, she chooses exactly the wrong man twice. Only with the third does she find happiness. Three weddings. Three seasons. The modern fairy tale of one who goes out to learn how to love.
80 min
À partir de 12 ans
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Réalisation :

Rudolf Thome

Scénario :

Rudolf Thome

Photographie :

Ute Freund

Production :

Rudolf Thome

Interprète :

Hannah Herzsprung (Pink)

Guntram Brattia (Carlo Burgmeister)

Florian Panzner (Georg Heilig)

Cornelius Schwalm (Balthazar)

Radhe Schiff (Silver)

Christina Hecke (Lilly Berg)

Tonio Arango (Helmut)

Janko Kahle (Rainer)

Langue originale :


Format :

16:9 SD, Couleurs

Evaluations :

FSK "valuable"

Catégorie d'âge :

À partir de 12 ans

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